About us


Under the slogan " High Speed Diamond Solutions " Adamas provides a total package of professional diamond tools, equipment for drilling, cutting and grinding and in – depth application expertise. We know how to do your job in the most profitable manner. Adamas products are designed and produced with decades of practice experience from the concrete cutting industry.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the Adamas products are sold directly to the end users. In other countries Adamas products are distributed via dealers.

35 years of experience

Adamas was established over 35 years ago in the Netherlands as a small trading company for diamond tools which at that moment were slowly introduced on the market.

During the last 35 years Adamas has matured to a professional diamond tool expert which offers an extensive portfolio of self-produced products, premium brands and exclusive dealer ships.

Our facilities


Industriepark 'Wolfstee'
Toekomstlaan 9
B-2200 Herentals

Tel: +32 (0)14 22 47 03+32 (0)14 22 47 03
Fax: +32(0)14 22 47 66

E-mail: sales@adamas.pro


Industrieterrein 'Coldenhove'
Aartsdijkweg 19
NL-2676 LE Maasdijk

Tel: +31 (0)174 511 333+31 (0)174 511 333
Fax: +31 (0)174 511 368

E-mail: verkoop@adamas.pro


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