Inverted drilling package IN2

Inverted drilling package


Special package for inverted / upside down drilling in concrete ceilings.

Ideal for spotllight installations and pipework installation through ceiling / floor.

Package consists of:

  • B17P drill rig with height adjustment and clamping for ceilings upto 2,9 meter height
  • Quick connect motor mounting bracket
  • Drillmotor CX20-S3(P)

              with pistol grip or back handle

              2000 Watt / 230V / 3 speed - max.ø150mm

              SmarT-Tronic overload protection

  • Water collectionring - max. ø150mm
  • VX-Medium vacuum cleaner for water/dust
  • Laser pointer for easy positioning




Products included in this deal

  • CORE  CX 20-S3
  • B17P Classic - ø150mm

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